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Unexpected windfall? Treat your home to an upgrade that will pay for itself

Oxford Realty

I think most of us have dreamt, a time or two, about receiving an unexpected windfall. That fantasy of winning...

3 Essential tips for moving when it’s snowing

Oxford Realty

Moving in winter, when you live in an area that sees lots of snow, is messy. It also takes significantly...

Your HOA Gobbledygook decoder

Oxford Realty

They carry quite the lofty title: “HOA Governing Documents.” When you buy a home in a managed community, w...

Cabin fever got you down? Transform your home, transform your mood

Oxford Realty

With the new year in full swing, and the holidays a fond memory, reality begins setting in. The gloomy, cold,....

What you need to know about the 2020 housing market

Oxford Realty

It’s about the time of year when we see the increase in questions such as “How can I understand what...

Starter Homes vs. Forever Homes

Oxford Realty

It’s so easy to assume that the home you’re shopping for is the one you will live in for the...

Looking for a quick bathroom update for the new year?

Oxford Realty

If you have a few days off over the holidays, there’s a chance you’ve walked through your home considering...

Pretty but deadly holiday plants

Oxford Realty

Bringing the outdoors in can help chase away winter’s “cabin fever.” The problem is that some plants don...

The Pros and Cons of Paying off your Mortgage Early

Oxford Realty

If you can afford to pay extra on your mortgage every month, it seems to make sense to do so,...


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